As a visual communications specialist, the only natural way to write a resume, seems to be drawing one instead.

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if ┬áI could visualize her skills for her to put on her resume. Making the appointment to talk she asked me -“Do you have one?” Why don’t I have one, me a visualizing evangelist, I definitely ┬áneeded to draw one, so I did. I decided that, besides putting it on my blog -and I still need to insert it into my ‘about’ section- I could upload it to Linkedin aswell. After all, they keep saying my profile isn’t a one hundred procent complete if I do not upload one in either Word, HTML or PDF format. So I did, I uploaded this resume in PDF format… three times, failing each time. Apparently PDF text only is what they really meant. So this is a request for Linkedin, please let me upload this PDF file as a resume.

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