Left out on the square, looking like a hundred years old; chairs

A beautiful city, Rome, one of my absolute favorite. Gorgeous buildings, light, paintings, food. These chairs however, felt a bit off. Left out on St peter’s square for the next mass probably. But it looked liked a scene from a movie, of a desolate city, an abandoned world.

Some sunny days..

The moon over a beautiful sunny and very Dutch snowskape, the icey ‘polder’ whilst skating on a ‘sloot’

Summer berries

I love the summer, eating fresh berries whenever I want.. This lot is my desert today

Laying down in knee-high grass

Yesterday I was walking in knee-high grass full of all sorts of flowers waving softly in the wind. I decided to literally drop down at the spot and layed there looking at the sky, listening to the soft sounds around me…

Rome in November

Since I promised I would upload the pictures of my Rome trip later; here is one of my favorites. You can find my other Rome pictures here

Pale winter sun

I love the pale winterblue skies, with the faint orange as the sun sets in the late afternoon. Makes me take of my gloves and shoot pictures untill my fingers go numb.


On a sunny sunday shopping in Antwerp.. with lots of coffee and chocolate. Click for bigger version


Reflections by accident, seagulls never wanting to be seen in the lens. Untill one did.