View from NEMO

Whilst sitting and waiting on a very busy museum sunday. The kids wondering of and coming back doing science projects all afternoon at the “science festival” I had this magnificent view on the Amstel and Amsteram

May 4th 2009

Went to the local memorial today.. May 4th 2009. Just to be silent with others. Watching listening always feels special.

Sunshine moleskine

Lazy sunday.. been drawing in the sun in Amsterdam.. sun on my face.. finishing and posting with the mac on my lap also in the sun.. on the couch. Love these days of nothing and sun in my moleskine.

Rembrandplein in April

One of the things I love about Amsterdam.. when the sun is out people come out to relax and enjoy.. sitting, drinking, talking. On the tiniest pieces of grass wherever available. Air filled with city sounds and light happy chatter.

Lonely Bike

Normal day.. normal view from the car n the Keizersgracht.. attention drawn by a lonely bike on the bridge normally swamped with bikes..

Dozing Dames

Sitting in the sun on a terras at the Bosbaan .. Watching two eldery women dozing of.. waking up… enjoying talking, watching..

Early spring

What I like best in early spring.. the soft green veil on what where barren branches only days before. Warm sunlight drawing people out of their houses to near the edge of the water.

AnneFrank boom

I was waiting at the dentist’s today. A big light room overlooking the gardens in the back. Across the closed shutters of the Anne Frank house. The big chestnut tree, steel beams to keep it from falling, standing in between. Branches budding, early spring.. the monument about to spring to life again.

Saturday morning

just an amsterdam cafe on a saturday morning.. homemade applepie and a regular.. still quiet..


…attending a lunch and very long meeting in “the mansion”, a club in Amsterdam near the Leidse square… the view intriqued me, old buildings and modern buildings…