Rethinking the Economy

Aren’t growth numbers ‘vanity metrics’ ? #economy  Shouldn’t we stop to ask what we really want to know? #sustainability #innovation   Is what I tweeted while listening to another ‘growth’ and economy update. Increased market value and increased profits is what our economy seems to be based on. But is that what we want to achieve? […]


Poster 61×45 cm voor meer info

What does the future look like

From a scientist’s point of view, there are no limits. Why can’t your smartphone measure the exact chemical composition of all the food you eat, the air you breathe, and the water you drink? It easily could. Why can’t the walls of your house be incredibly stable and heat insulating, while simultaneously thin, light, and […]

New Year, new design

I’ve put my Tumblr in a new jacket for 2013. It is where I share my personal pictures and thoughts. I took the time to write a personal new years post as well. Wishing you al a courageous 2013.  

The quest for the one true data wizard; a visual experiment

I was thinking about Big Data and the quest that a lot of companies seem to have for that one Data wizard that will be the answer to all of their Data questions. And though I am not convinced of one data wizard or analist or specialist being the answer, I wasn’t getting my head […]

My Tumblr

I’ve been using Instagram for a while now.. little things I see turned into something memorable. Recently I rediscovered my Tumblr. There I collect my doodles and drawings, as well as a view of the day #todaysview into a visual story of my life.