Do not disturb, a quick doodle

The other day, @timanrebel was complaining about being interrupted all day while trying to get is head immersed in code. Since I was playing with settings in ArtRage, my favorite digital drawing and painting software anyway, I made a really quick doodle for him.

Education and Visualization; potent combination

Education is still based on principles that do not longer apply in our society, everything has changed except for the way we teach our children, our future.I have made no secret that I think this should change. It forces our kids to be mediocre at best. Children that are gifted in any other way  fall […]

Insight; A good story is the basis of every communication, story or brand

Insight; If that base story is good and consistent it is easier to let go, to have your fans and followers build their own versions over yours, to have others contribute to that. If the kernel of that story fits with you, your story or your brand, it is the bases of all your messages, […]

Data is the word; #MobileMonday18 Amsterdam

Another MobileMonday Amsterdam announced itself, this time not about the best newest and improves apps or future trends, this time Data is the theme. Interested in how and what and curious because of the speakers, I decided to go. An inspiring momo it was. Data and how to deal with it. Data and how to […]

LeWeb09, early morning kickoff

Here I am, as I wrote earlier I was really looking forward to sketch on LeWeb09. And here I am. The Line up is looking promising and we have wifi and it is nice and warm. Loic and Geraldine Lemeur opened the Two day conference this morning with their introduction, announcing that this year is […]

The future in our backpockets, momo 11

Monday turned in a great mobile monday this 1st of June. The momoams 11 with a whole range of first class speakers and their view on the future of mobile. Wether it be marketing or advertising or how the mobile will shape the web the message was clear. We need to act now in order to take […]

The making of… a sketchnote, wilg’s story

How do you make them.. ? Why do you make them..? How long does it take..? Many have approached me to aks these questions. So I have decided to write a post to try and explain. Sketchnotes, the making of.. The why is easy, my notes have always been in sketches, quotes and nodes to […]

The Next Web 2009, looking back…

After three days of conference and excellent parties last week, it is time to look back. Luckily there are some very good posts that provide an inspiring overview that you shouldn’t miss. pictures; @silvertje and @jeeem. links to several articles; Contentgirls the next web by quotes; @timanrebel and my own overview in sketchnotes: The sketchnote […]