Visualise; You are looking for insights

We interview customers, and then what? Now look at the data! Treat the answers of all the interviews as one batch. Review the answers, make it visual! Did you learn anything? Did you ask the right questions? Let patterns emerge and group similar findings together. ┬áRemember, explorative interviews will give you insights rather than clear […]

Dagje Dublin; Een one-page-visual businessmodel voor Terminalfour

Terminalfour is een SAAS bedrijf dat voor Universiteiten en Colleges een oplossing aanbied dat alle verschillende sites and content van afdelingen en richtingen in 1 systeem kan vatten. Ze bieden overzicht, access management en een set aan tools voor verschillende doeleinden en afdelingen. Onlangs hebben ze een pivot in customer-segment en focus doorgevoerd. Ze wilden […]

Another reason to introduce ‘Visual Note-taking’ in schools

I came across this article today. It is a research from Princeton University; “Study finds that writing notes by hand is best way to remember details”   Students where allowed to take notes either on their laptop or with pen and paper. Those who used pen and paper were able to recall significantly more, and […]

Nieuwe ‘Vines’ geschoten

Gisteren heb ik met een klant weer 3 nieuwe Vines geschoten in mijn studio. Van idee tot product van 6 seconden, met gevoel van boodschap. Zo leuk om helemaal te doen.

New studio!

Vandaag mijn eigen set-up in eigen studio afgemaakt. Geweldig om nu een eigen plek te hebben, ook al is dat voorlopig en tijdelijk, voor alle Stopmotion Animaties en Vines die ik in opdracht aan het maken ben. Geeft me ook de kans om wat eigen projecten te doen! Hoop dat ik daar de tijd voor […]

The European Startup Manifesto; a visualization

Neelie Smit Kroes called out on twitter recently “Calling all millennials! Sign our #startupmanifesto”. I think we should and not just the millennials amongst us.┬áThe more people sign it, support it and the measures proposed, the more likely actual actions will be undertaken to make sure the manifest will become more than just that.

Hierarchy? We are becoming ‘social structured’, so should companies.

I’ve mentioned it before; hierarchy within companies something of the past rather than a sustainable structure for the future. I’ve seen companies struggle with structure when social media made its way into peoples lives, changing the way we connect to one another. Changing the way we can express thoughts, our ideas, our knowledge through these […]

TNW2013; an interview with the official graphic facilitator

The Next Web, the European WebTech event on innovation, startups and the future of web. I have been sketchnoting at the last 5 or 6 years now, displaying the visuals full screen during breaks and interludes. I love the vibe, I love the visuals on the big screen, its a perfect fit. Here is an […]

The Next Web conference; a visual overview in sketchnotes

The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, an annual event of world proportions. Tech, innovation, start ups, investors and a lot of networking and beer. This slideshare is a handpicked overview of the presentations that I visually summarized live at the event.