Leweb 2012 the internet of things; a visual overview in live! iPadsketches

It was that time of year again and my 4th visit to LeWeb Paris, the biggest tech conference in Europe where people in the scene from all over the world meet and talk, new products and services are introduced and people get ready for a new year in webtech. This year’s overall theme was “the […]

The quest for the one true data wizard; a visual experiment

I was thinking about Big Data and the quest that a lot of companies seem to have for that one Data wizard that will be the answer to all of their Data questions. And though I am not convinced of one data wizard or analist or specialist being the answer, I wasn’t getting my head […]

No more hierarchy, we need networks to thrive on

Since hierarchy in both companies and especially for entrepreneurs is becoming something of the past, networks and communities are more and more important to spark innovation and creativity. Inclusiveness is something we need to focus on to welcome and keep people in the network since we need people helping and supporting eachother to excell in […]

Lean Canvas visualized; insight in the flows of startup Snowciety

For the guys from Snowciety I visualized their ‘Lean Canvas’ (a concept by leancanvas.com) that will give them insight in their businessmodel. Though they had filled out the regular canvas, it misses the flow and connections that help create insight and overview into the model. I created this entirely visual/model based on the canvas that makes them […]

Somewhere along the line.. ; visual thinking and education

My last  post I wrote on visual spatial thinking and how some people think and learn in a different way from other people. Well that difference isnt all that big when we are little, it is when we grow up that that division of left and right brained people becomes more clear. The right brain is […]

Who am I?

Why do I see the world the way I do. Why do not all people ‘see’ things the way I do… It took me a while to understand that; the learning style in the educational system where different from what I needed, it didn’t mean I wasn’t as smart as others, that doodling and using […]

Instant Infographics and other visualization tools

Following our needs to find a way to easily filter through the vast see of data the internet is providing us with, and the possibilities the web offers us, visuals and visualizations are becoming more and more important. Data journalism is becoming more and more important and the bigger the data sets, the more the […]

TNW was a ‘huge’ succes

Again this year, the last week of April was reserved for TNW, The next Web conference 2012, a yearly recurring ever growing international conference on innovation, tech and web. This is the 4th year I have provided sketchnotes for the conference, and the first I’ve done them completely on iPad, live, updating on the big, […]

Latest project

This animation I made for a client that wanted their brief on the change of their internal culture to be visualized and more understandable. I wrote the script, flow and did the animation for this short clip. The editing was done by the client themselves. The video will run for the year and a half […]