Last thursday I attended Eday09, Emerce day 2009, in ‘De van Nelle fabriek’ in Rotterdam. A day of inspiring speakers and workshops. A good mix of people and speakers. The sidetrakcs where small and intimite and offered a variety good learnings. Since I was there to sketch for Dutchcowgirls, I limited sketching to the keynote speakers at the mainstage.

You can find my posts at Dutchcowgirls here.

I was very pleased to be able to attend another of Robert Rice’s presentations on the future of mobile. His view on the future is allways one you tend to see actually presenting itself sooner than you think it might have. Nick Bilton was another surprise. His presentation on what new things are being developed in the labs of the NewYork Times was a fascinating one. Especially the awareness, ‘its all just a new way of storytelling’ . The energizing closure of the day was that of gary Vaynerchuk. His message to all of us; ‘Love what you do and know who you are’.

The original sketchnotes;

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