We have a chance to change education and help our children prepare for their future; is what Mark Randall told us in his #TNW keynote. One of the many things that hasnt changed in over 30 years is the way we each to children who need teaching in a different way than classis methods of pure leftbrain linguistic linearity. Today I stumbled upon an article about dyslexia that posed the following;

The problem is that no one tells children or their parents, teachers, and classmates that some of the world’s most creative and brilliant minds had similar difficulties learning to read. Most children with dyslexia do not easily learn to read, spell, or write, and they believe this means they must be “dumb” (their classmates’ description), or “lazy” (what many parents think) or “not working up to their potential” (many teachers’ description). Not all children with dyslexia have extraordinary talents, but everyone has a unique potential that is being daily whittled away by this lack of understanding.

from; Dear parent: why your dyslexic child struggles with reading

Somehow we need to find a way to tap in to our children’s unique talents and teach them accordingly. Innovation and new technology provide us with new means, all we need to do is to be as open minded and creative as our children in finding new ways to prepare them for the future.

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