I’ve been using Google+ for a while now and I am absolutely loving it. It has openness en collaboration, it has the same easy commenting structure FriendFeed used to have in the early days, and somehow for me it feels more natural to use than Facebook. But that doesn’t mean that the two can’t co-excist. There is a lot of debate going on on Google+, will it win from Facebook, will it win from Twitter. I don’t know if it needs to.

Yes it is true, there can be only three or so social networks that we can divide or devote our precious attention to. But that is per person. Where I am ooh and aahing over G+ someone else might be far more happy with the ‘staying in touch stream’ system FaceBook is providing for them and yet another will stick to MySpace for some reason or other. I don’t think there needs to be one big winner, or better still; I think it will work out better for everyone if there is something left to choose. For now I am choosing Google+ over Facebook, but that is my personal taste, and even that can change, as will G+ in time. For those willing to give it a try right now, here is a cheat-sheet with some handy hot keys and tips.

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