A week of total exhaustion and total excitement , never seen so many highs and lows due to cramped spaces, exhaustion and lots and lots of inspiring people.

Where I first meant to go along on the StartupBus as support and reporter, I ended up in a StartupBus team. There already was a special vibe going on when some of us started working on the site via Skype 2 days before the bus departed. The intensity of the bus just makes you want to participate and dive into the vibe. Three days of building, trying to focus, frustration and refocussing gives you a short version of actual startup problems with real people. My team, Saskia Videler and Steven Beeckman were the ones I spoke most with during the three days in the bus. Tight quarters and no where to go, with only one thing on your mind, no distractions, just the product, the milestones, and most important the wifi (If there is any you start doing what you need to, if there isn’t, you prepare to be ready for the next precious dose)

One spectacular ride with too many kilometers in to little time, far too short meets with other interesting entrepreneurs from all over Europe and far to little sleep have made this trip something I will never forget. (You can see my reports here in Dutch) Still to tired and with Startupbus vibes we arrived at leWeb, even bigger than two years ago and with far more show and professionalism than ever before. More interesting people and far to many to be able to talk to every one. I ran from lounge to stage to stage and back to the bus to try to catch up with all the buzz going on. One great party and again far too less sleep the week ended in a blur of bliss in the Thalys back to Amsterdam.

Below my sketchnotes of my favorites on LeWeb 2011
[slideshare id=10579458&doc=leweb2011-111213120424-phpapp01]

Featured image; breakfast at Google Zurich with local entrepreneurs

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