Rethinking the Economy

Aren’t growth numbers ‘vanity metrics’ ? #economy  Shouldn’t we stop to ask what we really want to know? #sustainability #innovation   Is what I tweeted while listening to another ‘growth’ and economy update. Increased market value and increased profits is what our economy seems to be based on. But is that what we want to achieve? […]

Include employees in the process

I ran into an excellent post on reasons why in so many companies innovation programs fail. There are several basic things that need to be in order for a vision to actually embed into a company, or for a culture change to actually happen.

Big enterprises are you ready to innovate big?

As tech startups start to disrupt markets where enterprises ruled for decades, the need for innovation becomes bigger. Some turn to me and ask; “-Can you help us do lean customer development.” “-Can you help us think more visually.”  “-Can you help us be more like a lean startup.”  “-Can you help us be more innovative.” […]

Hierarchy? We are becoming ‘social structured’, so should companies.

I’ve mentioned it before; hierarchy within companies something of the past rather than a sustainable structure for the future. I’ve seen companies struggle with structure when social media made its way into peoples lives, changing the way we connect to one another. Changing the way we can express thoughts, our ideas, our knowledge through these […]