Who am I?

Why do I see the world the way I do. Why do not all people ‘see’ things the way I do… It took me a while to understand that; the learning style in the educational system where different from what I needed, it didn’t mean I wasn’t as smart as others, that doodling and using […]

Visual Thinking; Making bigger ripples

-“Visual Thinking? Isn’t that something like mindmapping?” Well yes, it is one way  to visualize an information stream. -“That is a clever trick, that sketchnoting!” Well yes, it is helpfull and everyone can learn it. But there is far more to it!

Social Media a short explanation

Just for those who want a quick reminder, this is a short and easy overview of the concept ‘ social media’. Was playing around in Prezi again and this came out of it. Since i needed a way to visualize my concepts and I spent a lot of time explaining this to others. Looking forward […]

Visual presentation; lokloq’s new mobile recruitement application

For the launch of the new white labelled mobile recruitement application by lokloq, I was asked to make a presentation with visuals that would tell their story. After a session of showing me the application what it can do and how it is used, I started drawing. I came up with this prezi presentation for […]