Last week The Next Web organized its yearly conference, where tech, innovation, and good vibes join for three days. I was asked to make visual notes of all the keynote speakers. This year all of my notes were shown on the big screen to recap, during the day. Did I say big screen? , the screen was ‘huge’ ! I enjoyed the enthusiasm of all of the speakers this year as well as the quality of the startups that presented itself this year.

My absolute favorites where  Howard Lindzon, Mark Randall and Pablos Holman ;


Howard Lindzon reminded us that there really never is a perfect time to start a business, we need to get started! His keynote actually sparked enthusiasm and ended up speeding through a whole list of tips.

Howard Lindzon


Mark Randall’s presentation started a really businesslike ‘entrepreneur what is that’, really? one, but ended in an emotional call to action in using the technology we have now, to be implemented and used for the education of our children. ‘We’ as in us tech entrepreneurs can help change the way kids are educated and provide them with the tools they need to be able to learn about an unknown future…A day later a group of people approached me to ask for more help for they had actually reacted to this call to action right away.Randucation; (#randucation, @randucation) is planning to just get started. They need help in looking for a way to go ahead, tools and money.

Mark Randall



The very last presentation of TNW2011 was that of Pablos. His passionate speech about the ‘hackers’ mindset and how they try what the system does if you do something with it it wasn’t designed for intentionally. Hacks that help improve security  ( because if companies claim something is save and wave their arms you can bet on it it isnt really). But also how the hackers mindset could even help solve problems in biological systems, like malaria for instance.  ‘what is possible’

Pablos Holman



You can see the rest of the skethcnotes in highres here

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