Again this year, the last week of April was reserved for TNW, The next Web conference 2012, a yearly recurring ever growing international conference on innovation, tech and web. This is the 4th year I have provided sketchnotes for the conference, and the first I’ve done them completely on iPad, live, updating on the big, no, huge! screen.

This has led to a lot of positive reactions of people that really felt they were helped by the overviews and asked for real-time viewing. Although this is entirely possible, I’ve done these sketches in the Adobe Ideas app, and we did test real-time viewing on the big screen the night before. It also might distract people from the presentor on stage. So we decided that every new sketchnote once the speaker was ready was up to watch during the next speaker as well as an overview of all the speakers during the break, as well as in the live stream online.



A selection of my favorite sketchnotes and speakers of this years TNWconference;

[slideshare id=12785986&doc=tnw2012aselectionofsketchnotes-120503082950-phpapp01]

For all of the Sketchnotes made during TNW2012 check here.
Featured image made by; Jöran Maaswinkel

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