I’ve been saying it for a while now, the startup community has a lot to offer for corporates, and the other way around. I think entrepreneurs should take responsibility and give back to the (startup) community.

I came across this white paper with cases of several corporates that put effort in giving back to startups, as well as a short summary of Brad Feld’s filosophy of building a healthy startup community and some of Steve Blanks insights of the lean startup customer development principles.

The white paper concludes with;

Today, more than ever, we understand just how vital entrepreneurship is to our society and our economy. As we focus our efforts on supporting startups, the role of every key stakeholder, especially corporations, is too often overlooked.


“We recommend that large firms take action, support their local entrepreneurial ecosystem, and embrace collaboration at the startup level. These new nascent collaborations are already helping larger firms to scout for new markets and new promising business models. This is, we believe, an imperative for larger corporations to be able to survive in a world constantly changing.” – Franck Nouyrigat