From a scientist’s point of view, there are no limits. Why can’t your smartphone measure the exact chemical composition of all the food you eat, the air you breathe, and the water you drink? It easily could. Why can’t the walls of your house be incredibly stable and heat insulating, while simultaneously thin, light, and even act as a huge screen? They could be. Such advances are not science fiction — the basic principles underlying them have basically been sitting on the shelves of our labs for decades, waiting for the right hands to bring them to life in our everyday world.

I often wondered, watching another rerun of “Back to the Future” -‘what if we didn’t put all our time and resources into building a digital world, would we have that flying car by now? Or indeed the Hoverboard?’ The latest Tony Hawk Huvr meme made me think about it again, -‘would the world look different if all of our software engineers would have been technical, biochemical or any other engineer?’ 

It very well might be. This article makes a very strong point on this very matter, everything is possible, all we need is the right hands to make it come true and those are not necessarily the hands of the developer.

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