-“Are they felt tip?” -“What brand pens do you use?” I get asked these questions a lot. And I am always happy to answer them, though the answer depends on what I have with me at the moment, it being my Faber-Castell brush tips, my Pigma Micron Pens, my Stabilo’s or even just round tip Edding whiteboard markers. It’s the situation that calls for certain pens, but only because they feel ‘comfortable’ or suit the medium. Not because they make me draw better.

It doesn’t really matter with what I draw at all, it’s what and how I draw it, its the words, the one liners and theme’s and how they are connected to one another that are relevant to the story that I need to catch and get on the paper in a single visual. It is translating an event, story, or concept, however complex, in a clear visual to give oversight, insight, or just as a quick recap. It doesn’t even matter whether that is in black or white or not. After all, it’s the message that I need to get across, the rest is mere detail.

The pens I use most often on all sorts of paper are brush tips; you can order a Faber-Castell Pitt Pen – Basic Set of colors on Amazon to get started.
On whiteboard I use round tip Edding whiteboard markers, also available on Amazon.
For details and words I use these three sizes of Pigma Micron Pens.
For conceptualization and brainstorm sessions I usually bring along Stabilo’s, available in a real handy hard case.

Ofcourse I am experimenting with digital drawing as well, but in fast sketchnoting, brainstorming or conceptualizations I still often prefer pens and paper. But I will keep you posted of my digital adventures for sure.


photocredits by Marlooz

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